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Çanakkale Savaşları’nda gösterilen kahramanlık mücadelesine yakından tanık olmak ve ilçemizde tatil yapmak sizin için unutulmayacak bir anı olurken, siz değerli konuklarımıza hizmet bizim içinde keyif olacaktır. Çanakkale’nin Tarihi

Fotoğraflarla Casa Villa

Mutlu Müşterilerimizden

Hallo, Birgul ! I am Rossy from Bulgaria. We stayed in your hotel for 2 nights and we want to thank you again for your warm hospitality. Casa Villa is a great hotel, first class accommodation and food! We will recommend it to some other people. Can we write some positive comments on your website? We hope to come again next year. We send you in the attachment 3 photos. I hope Zi can help you to read and understand my e-mail. I will go on studying Turkish and we can talk to each other better and easier next time. O.K.? See the photos! My grand daughters Victoria ( on the left ) and Eva ( on the right ). We hope to hear from you! Greetings to your husband and Zi! Regards, Rossy and Sjoerd Oppewal

Rosy Ganevska, 2013-10-02

Thank you for very plesaut stay again and the best omelette:) Thank you for the host beautiful acconodation on our actual road through eastern europe

ıvana and oudzej, 2013-07-21